Why is our Online MBA the most popular MBA programme world-wide?

What distinguishes the Master programme at Edinburgh Business School from those of other distance learning institutions in Germany and abroad?


The world´s most flexible master´s programme

Start whenever you want – at any time

You study the subjects you want, in the order you want – some courses are mandatory for each programme, the rest can be chosen from a list of 40 specialized subjects.

You do not have to attend any mandatory classes, but you may be interested in tutorings and revisions as additional preparation for examinations.

When you feel you are ready, you take the exam – in March, June, August, December.

No trip to Scottland is required – you can choose among 11 exam centres in Germany and 350 worldwide. You keep on studying, while your job takes you around the world.

No fixed maximum length of study – some want to do it within one year others may have to show consideration for their families and jobs as well.

Also, without an academic degree you can enter the master programmes by passing the exams in three of the nine courses.


Recognised high-quality programme

Edinburgh Business School is the business faculty at Heriot-Watt University, which belongs to the three most renowned universities in the United Kingdom – together with Oxford and Cambridge.

Our Online MBA is the worlds´s largest as ranked in the 2011 Financial Times Survey

More than 40% of Fortune 500 companies have students in our programmes.

Therefore, graduates of Edinburgh Business School are highly respected and welcomed in personnel departments of leading international companies.

The course materials are developed by the world´s leading professors in their field. The course books are optimised especially for non-native speakers by learning pedagogues and linguists making it relatively easy to learn on all continents.

There is one book for each course. No access to a library or additional literature is necessary. Each course book contains the complete learning material. Edinburgh Business School invests approximately  (euro sign comes in front/don't have on my laptop)1 million  for the development of each course book.


Widespread international student body

Presently, approximately 10,000 students from more than 150 countries on five continents are studying at Edinburgh Business School. Some 14,000 have already gained their degrees.

Basically you study in English, but you can also get your course books in Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Arabic. Exams can also be taken in these five languages.

After your studies with us you should be business fluent in English.

There are some 350 exam centres worldwide, where you can take your exams. Amongst them you can find eleven centres in nearly every larger city in Germany. If none are close enough, we shall find a solution nearer to your home.


Attractive Prices

For online studies, no  university campus with professors is required. Edinburgh Business School is coming to you! Due to this cost advantage students currently just pay about EURO 10,000 for the required nine course books, nine exams and your master´s certificate.

You don´t have to pay regular tuition fees. You just order the next course book when you are ready to start learning again. Therefore, all costs are spread over your time at the Edinburgh Business School.

These costs of study are tax deductible in Germany as advanced education, and may also be qualified as operating expenses by your employer.


Intensive Career Support

Distance learning necessitates discipline and time management, particularly important when you also have a family and a job.

Your Approved Learning Partner of Edinburgh Business School in Germany is the Corporate Coaching Institut near Frankfurt/Main, which supports you while studying with online advice and personal consulting whenever you ask for it.

Immediately with your first course booking you can apply for membership at the Edinburgh Business Club in Germany. You may enjoy the opportunity to meet with other students and approach Alumni for advice, who are happy to assist you as mentor in these challenging times.

The Edinburgh Business Club with its cooperation partners, like the German-British Society and the Alumni Clubs of other international universities in Germany, offer a wide variety of exclusive contacts with leaders in business, politics, sciences, and the arts. This proves to be ideal for your individual networking to make top level acquaintances for the benefit of your future career!

Recognised high-quality programme